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  • Aviary

    Aviary is the world's most popular photo editing app and SDK. With a simple suite of pro-grade editing tools, Aviary helps millions of global content creators create and share beautiful photos - and helps advertisers reach them while they're at it (that's my job ;). Take a look!

  • HowAboutWe is a dating and relationships company that's making starting and maintaining relationships easy, natural and fun. My boyfriend and I love HowAboutWe for Couples, which takes the legwork out of date planning and lets us make good on our "together time" commitments with just a few clicks - and online daters love the singles site, which is about the easiest way to plan fun dates out there. Take a look! Media & Brand Strategy

  • NewlyWish

    NewlyWish is an online registry and wedding-related gifting service. They help couples create unique gift registries from a curated selection of boutiques, brands and artisans (ie; no more getting roped to the product selections at big-box retailer registries), and provide a seamless digital platform from registry through purchase for their guests. NewlyWish is helping couples find the items that truly reflect their styles, and helping small businesses reach a national audience - take a peek! Copywriting, Design


    COMMON is a collaborative brand and accelerator for social change founded by Alex & Ana Bogusky, Rob Schuham and John Bielenberg in 2011. A near-immediate creator of disruptive presence in the social innovation space, COMMON is broadening the definition of "social good" to include the positive local and global impact created by our everyday business and brand decisions. Brand Strategy, Digital Strategy, Marketing, PR

  • COMMON Pitch

    COMMON Pitch is a non-traditional, international event series that shines a spotlight on the best new ideas for sustainable innovation and reinvention. Launched in August of 2011, after just one year and four events the series has been featured in most major publications, including The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, The Next Web, FOX News and Mashable, and included the participation of Grammy Award winners, bestselling authors, some of the world’s most innovative business leaders and startup experts and over 40 entrepreneurs. Event Design, Production, Marketing, PR

  • I Love Boulder

    The residents of Boulder, Colorado have known that they live in a special place for years. And after an increasing amount of national recognition, including America's Smartest City (Forbes), America's Happiest, Healthiest City (Gallup) and America's Foodiest City (Bon Appetit), city leaders were ready to take their gooey adoration one step further with a campaign celebrating the cultural, traditional and happily unconventional characteristics of Boulder life, work and play. Digital Strategy, Copywriting

  • Occupationalist

    "Protest" doesn't seem to be a big enough word to define the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, which started in NYC, quickly spread internationally and still trudges on. But the movement’s first expansions in both geography and implications were practically ignored by the mainstream media. I collaborated with Alex Bogusky and the students of Boulder Digital Works to build a social news aggregator for all things Occupy, resulting in a truly useful tool for those tracking the movements of The 99%. The Occupationalist was featured in national news publications including Mashable, Washington Post and The Economist. Digital Strategy, Copywriting, PR

  • Third Street Chai

    Third Street Chai is one of the largest chai producers in the nation, and the parent brand of a very passionately produced family of socially responsible products. Third Street Chai is also the bearer of an incredible brand story - which was conspicuously absent from the internet until recently, when I helped the small-but-mighty company launch their first ever full site. Digital Strategy, Copywriting

  • Quick Left

    Build clean. Build quick. Build clever. Quick Left is a rapidly growing software engineering and consulting firm that specializes in web and mobile applications. Seeking a simple, accessible and professional way to express their complex offerings and capabilities on their new website, I worked with Quick Left to humanize their heavy tech. Copywriting, PR

  • OneRiot

    OneRiot, acquired by Wal-mart in 2011, helped connect advertisers to the millions of people using social media on their cell phones with real-time mobile ad technology. I spent several years with the smart folks at this startup, leading brand positioning and community engagement, creative product development and our first major partnerships with brands and agencies.

  • RiotFeeds

    RiotFeeds, a OneRiot product, are twitter-based discovery tools for finding the freshest information on subjects people care about. Originally intended as a creative marketing tactic for OneRiot, RiotFeeds developed a following of over 120,000 daily users and served as a key traffic driver for the company. Digital Strategy, Copywriting

  • Project Alert

    If you don't remember taking part in the D.A.R.E program, you might remember when your kids went through it. Today, D.A.R.E has been replaced by a new, next-gen drug education program called Project ALERT. Thanks to handy stuff like self-paced, online training, accessible resources and a bunch of other awesome digital tools, Project ALERT makes it dead easy for teachers to prepare their students for staying drug-free. Viva la internet! Copywriting

  • Stetson

    Storied international brand Stetson had almost a hundred years of history behind it, but the years ahead were feeling harder to define. Hoping to start a discussion with the customers that would be carrying the brand into its future, Stetson worked with Pure to meet millennials on their own terms, using the brands country roots and backcountry edge as a musical conversation starter. Digital Strategy, Copywriting

  • Ignite Bay Area

    Ignite is an open, community event taking place in over 100 cities worldwide. Using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes, presenters share their ideas and passions. The Bay Area series, which I co-hosted and produced alongside Emily Goligoski, brought speakers like executive editor of Wired Magazine, Thomas Goetz, and award winning filmmaker Tiffany Shlain to the stage for fun, quarterly nights of inspiration and education. Production, Hosting

  • Biennial of the Americas

    The Biennial of the Americas is an international event celebrating the culture, ideas and people of the Western Hemisphere, hosted by the City of Denver. In 2010, the inaugural Biennial of the Americas brought together established and emerging leaders in the the arts, culture, sciences, politics, economics and technology communities, facilitating the development of a unified vision for the future. The Biennial of the Americas 2012-2012 is currently in production. Communications, Copywriting. PR

  • Editorial

    Even though I hate math, I think of words like math; they subtract in meaning or multiply in implication based on the words, sentences and paragraphs they're smashed between, and the choosing of them is the choosing of answers - hopefully the right ones. I don't write every day anymore, but at times I've covered cultural trends, internet trends, emerging technology, creativity and advertising. One of the most controversial features I wrote (How an Intern Stole NASA's Moon Rocks, Gizmodo) even went on to inspire a bestselling novel by Ben Mezrich, author of The Social Network, and is now being adapted by Sony Production for film. One of these day's I'll get back after it, but for now you can catch the occasional article at The 99% - a two-time Webby Award winner for Best Cultural Blog, and one of my personal favorite sources for creative inspiration!